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About Us
Undercover Agent is a cumulation of over 17 years experience in the real estate industry to become the most supportive and in depth Real Estate Agent comparison site in Australia.

Here is how we got here and why you can be confident when using us that you are getting a non biased, independent and genuine free service that can only increase your sales price.

Founded by Chris Bellesini, the business was born when Chris discovered the hard way that the system was broken and real estate agents will not always work in your favour.

Investing in his mid twenties with a family friend in a development nearly bankrupt him. When an agent was appointed to auction 20 properties in the same day he started to question why would an agent drive down scarcity to favour a buyer? The project went bust but it didn't have to be that way.

The more Chris researched the more he found it was not an isolated incident. He considers himself to be Australia's best student on real estate systems as his eyes were opened to why agents push in certain directions when it has been proven to not get the best results.
Chris' experiences in the real estate industry are unmatched in their variety.

Fully Licensed Real Estate Agent - Chris has sold houses and has many war stories on how the industry works from being on the inside!

Developers Assistant - Chris learnt how to deal with agents and what gets the best outcomes from someone who has bought and sold over 500 homes (including 100 whilst Chris was working for him).

Author - Chris' research on the broken real estate system have been documented in his book 'Why Many Agents Lie & How To Keep Them Honest'.

Educator - Chris has been running real estate education seminars since 2007 and has helped thousands through his online and offline presentations.
Company Values
Above all, be ethical

We treat your money like it is ours and look at all aspects of a property campaign to ensure that you are presented with a fair commission, fair marketing, a realistic estimate of the value of your home and that the agents we suggest to you follow a system of getting the best price, not a system of getting the next lead for them.

If you want to experience a selling experience with less stress and confidence that you are getting the very best outcome. Get started here today!

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