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Three Things Google Won't Tell You About Selling Your Home
We live in the information and often misinformation age and Google really is a double-edged sword when it comes to our decision making. On the one side you have unlimited access to information, but often this information is conflicting and biased which can make it confusing. When it comes to speaking to agents, if you don’t ask the right questions you can leave yourself open to mistakes that will cost time and money and with your home it could be tens of thousands dollars in mistakes.

Most people only buy and sell a couple of homes in their lifetime. As a result, you are unlikely to be an expert. It is a big decision and no doubt you would have done a lot of research into the price, the method of sale and agent you would like to use. But you don’t know what you don’t know and this little bit of information can give you false confidence, but can cost you a fortune and be a stressful experience.

It took me years of being in the industry to have my eyes opened and REALLY understand what makes a good agent. An agent that is the most ‘successful’ in your area with a heap of glowing reviews, may just be good at getting glowing reviews. It does not mean that got the best price as that is impossible at times to tell. What is possible is to ensure the best processes are used to lead to the highest price.

So what are three areas to consider .

Don’t value your property based on a websites estimate

Various websites may estimate the value of your home and give you an impression of what it is worth. You don't want to make decisions based on these algorithm or reveal to an agent what you want to sell for based on these numbers as it can only be used against you.

If you over estimate, the agent may agree with the over inflated price and to try and win your business. Your property is likely to then sit on the market for a long time at an unrealistic price. If you under estimate you can be taken advantage of with commission structures and bonus'. The agent is the expert so let them come up with a value and justification as to why.

Don't believe all you read when it comes to marketing spiels

Median prices and selling above reserve are just two examples of figures that are easily manipulated by agents to make their service seem attractive. The reserve is just the lowest price a vendor was prepared to accept and not an indication of the agents skill in selling. In fact it may indicate they did not understand the market and undervalued the home or that they took advantage of the vendor.

Who is behind the comparison websites

Is the person helping you find an agent, a real estate expert or an IT guru? Unless a real person will spend many hours researching for you and providing real value, the business will just use algorithms to give you an answer. Do you want this for you biggest asset especially when selling a home is so personal?

Undercover Agent is passionate about giving real value which is why hours and hours of research is put into comparing agents for you by experts, not computers.
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