Real Estate Bus Tour
Join Me In Melbourne For A One Day Only, Behind The Scenes Experience
LIVE: How To Maximise Your Sales Price & How To Buy Well
(PILOT EVENT): Sat 4th June 2022 9:30am - 1:30pm approx
(Only Spaces 5 Remaining as at Friday 27th May 10:13am)
Real Estate Bus Tour
Join Me For A One Day Only, Behind The Scenes Experience
LIVE: How To Maximise Your Sale & How To Buy Well
(PILOT EVENT): SAT 4th June 2022 9:30am - 1:30pm approx
There Are No Plans For Future Bus Tours So Consider This A Once Off Opportunity
(Spaces Limited)
Rare Opportunity For Buyers & Sellers

Now things are a bit more normal, I am going to run a live event, but in a very different and unique way. In the past, I have run many seminars and events teaching my clients through real life examples. I showed buyers and sellers how to gain the advantage in a conference room setting.

I'm now going a step further for a one off event by taking you on a tour on the road of properties right selling now. If you follow my stuff I always say that being in the ground is the #1 thing you can do so it makes sense that take you into that environment.

15 years ago one of my mentors took me on a property tour and it was one of THE best things I ever did. I know this event could put tens of thousands in your pocket for your next transaction.

What The Day Will Look Like

We will meet at a central point for an initial briefing of how the day will look and I will provide you with more information about the properties.  I'll hire a small bus so we can stick together and talk as we drive. The bonus is you have unlimited access to pick my brain in this time.

I will select 4-5 auctions and open for inspections to attend, as well as drive by's of other relevant properties.  It is about maximising your exposure to different scenarios so when you are ready to buy and sell you understand how the one percenters are important.

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What You Will Learn
  • How I bid at auction and how to read the various scenarios that play out. What if a property is passed in? I will draw on years of experiences explain what is happening with the three parties, buyers, sellers and agents through the process. 

  • What I do at open for inspections and how to get the information that is vital to understand what the price might be and the level of competition. 

  • What strategies will maximise your price in the market and what agents are doing to win your business. 

  • Plus you have unprecedented access to me to ask whatever burning questions you may have.
Cost: FREE
As this is a pilot event I am going to offer it for no cost. I'd love to be able to run these in the future, but will be charging to cover costs including bus hire and petrol.
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About Chris Bellesini
Chris has a background in accounting, property education, property development, marketing and is a fully licensed real estate agent. Since 2007 when he released the 'First Home Buyers Kit' his passion has been helping buyers and sellers. He traveled interstate and spoke on the stage to up to 300 people at a time on how to enter the property market.

Chris turned his attention to also helping home sellers (vendors) in 2012 when he started to observe how they were being ripped off by real estate agents. He became an agent himself with the goal to show focus on always being honest to give home owners the best strategy for them to maximise thier sales price. His time spent as an agent was extremely valuable, but he was a little fish in a big sea. To have the greatest impact he knew focusing on being an independant consultant and advocacy was the answer

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